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Our team of professionals is committed to providing the resources needed for communities to thrive.

Executive Team

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 1

Nan McKay


Nan-McKay_150Beacon 2-1

John McKay

Chief Executive Officer

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 5

Michael Petro

Vice President of Finance

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 7

Catherine Ures

Vice President of Professional Services

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 6

Sarah Waitt

Vice President of Operations

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 8

Chad Coalier

Senior Director of Technology/CIO

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 9

Andrew Denicola

Senior Director of Strategic Sales and Business Development

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 12

Michele Lazdowsky

Senior Program Director

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 10

Sheryl Putnam

Senior Director of Professional Services

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 13

Steven Rosario

Senior Program Director

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 11

Rachelle Le Blanc

Director of Human Resources


Nan-McKay_150Beacon 14

John Achuff

Assistant Director of Program Management

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 19

Samantha Sowards

Senior Manager of Professional Services

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 18-1

Nathan Paufve

Consulting Manager


Jamila Burleson-Goshon

Trainer and Consultant


LaNese Chandler


Nan-McKay_150Beacon 16

Adam Ensalaco

Senior Trainer and Consultant

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 19-2

Daryle Ensley

Senior Trainer and Consultant


Tom Feehan

Trainer and Consultant

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 18 (1)

Cara Gillette

Senior Consultant

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 17-1

Gail Gillispie

Senior Associate Trainer

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 19-3

Julie Hartlé

Senior Consultant and Trainer


De' Henderson

Trainer and Consultant

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 17-4

Derrick Ratliff

Inspector Trainer

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 3

Dorian Jenkins


Nan-McKay_150Beacon 18 (1)-1

Marianne Krager

Associate Trainer

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 17-2

Reneé McTyeire

Consultant and Trainer

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 16 (1)-1

Terry Provance

Senior Associate


Jeni Rios

Trainer and Consultant

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 19-4

Teri Robertson

Senior Associate

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 18 (1)-2

Heather Sievers

Trainer and Consultant

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 16 (1)-2

Soozie Tucker

Associate Trainer

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 19-Nov-22-2022-09-07-45-2557-AM

Carrol Vaughan

Senior Associate Consultant

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 18 (1)-3

Patti Zatarian-Menard

Senior Associate Consultant


Nan-McKay_150Beacon 19-Nov-22-2022-09-14-21-6211-AM

Michael Petragallo

Vice President

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 18 (1)-Nov-22-2022-09-17-24-4350-AM

Deb Torvik

Director of Inspections

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 17-4

Derrick Ratliff

Inspector Trainer

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 16 (1)-3

Misty Nance-Jackson

Inspections Administrator

Sales Team

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 18

Jason Lee

Senior Regional Account Manager

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 19-Nov-22-2022-09-10-27-3112-AM

Angela Cao

Regional Account Manager

Nan-McKay_150Beacon 18 (1)-4

Kaynisha Dawson

Regional Account Manager