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Multifamily Housing

Innovative solutions for property management companies, PBCAs, HFAs and housing agencies

MOR Readiness Reviews

Are you ready for an MOR?

NMA's MOR readiness review will simulate an actual MOR by former PBCA staff, giving your property a preview of possible MOR findings and improvement opportunities.

"The Watervliet Housing Authority consistently uses Nan McKay & Associates for all of our training needs. The Housing Authority has recently converted to RAD PBRA, and each employee was sent to the Nan McKay Multifamily Housing Specialist certification course."

Watervliet Housing Authority

"These training sessions are thorough and helpful, and staff regularly review the training materials for reference. The Watervliet Housing Authority has developed a great relationship with Nan McKay staff, and will continue to subscribe to their services and take part in their training sessions."

Watervliet Housing Authority

File Reviews and Corrections

Our team of experts will review your files for compliance with HUD requirements, including move-ins, interims, annuals, gross rent changes, and initial certifications. We additionally have extensive experience in auditing the full spectrum of affordable housing programs, including LIHTC, RAD PBRA, HOME, HCV, PBV, and RAD PBV. You can also bring our team onsite to provide file corrections.

Model Policies

NMA's model policies for multifamily programs include all HUD-required topics and provide comprehensive guidance.

They're a must-have for managing your program and ensuring thorough and accurate policies, while saving hundreds of hours of work.

Project-based Section 8 (PBRA) Training

Long recognized as the industry leader in affordable housing training and certification, NMA continues to pursue and develop new training offerings, including custom training-consulting hybrids that not only train staff on the regulations, but also develop the hands-on skills required to achieve performance excellence while on the job.

We currently offer almost 50 training courses spanning the breadth of affordable housing programs, including a number of courses applicable to HUD's multifamily programs.


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