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Covid-19 Grant Fund Administration

Understanding what grants best fit your organization's needs is just the first step

As the nation grapples with the COVID-19 response...

A number of federal grants such as FEMA, CDBG, CDBG-DR grants, Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) and HOPWA funds will be made available to states, municipalities, and housing authorities to help offset additional expenses related to COVID-19 response and recovery efforts. Understanding what grants best fit your organization’s needs and how to apply for these grants is just the first step. With federal grants comes complex planning, grants management, procurement, reporting, and compliance requirements that must be completed in tandem with your agency’s normal course of business. Incorrectly administering grant funds can result in having these funds rescinded, so it’s essential that you have sound grant management policies and procedures in place.

Over a Decade of Experience with Federal Grant Programs

We can partner with your organization to:

  • Identify the grant funding sources that align with your organization’s needs
  • Apply for the identified grants
  • Conduct comprehensive grants management services, including
    • Project planning and strategic initiatives
    • Record keeping and project administration
    • Financial management and oversight of grant funding
    • Compliance and monitoring from project initiation through closeout
  • Develop procurement policies that are compliant with federal procurement requirements
  • Develop comprehensive, streamlined stakeholder outreach and citizen participation strategies
  • Technical assistance and training on all regulatory requirements
  • Establish sound policies, procedures, and internal controls, to ensure that grant funds are being appropriately utilized and avoid duplication of benefits.
  • Plan and execute for project and grant closeout.

If your organization experienced any of the following expenses directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be eligible to receive federal grant money:

  • Purchase of computers, software, wireless resources, or other resources to enable staff to work remotely
  • Additional security
  • Deep-cleaning related to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, in agency offices and/or public housing complexes.
  • Protective measures for staff, including masks, gowns, installation of plexiglass or other shields
  • Time spent by staff on COVID-related activities beyond normal working hours that will not be covered by program administrative or operating funds
  • Temporary staffing costs related to COVID-19 activities
  • Purchase and/or distribution of food or other supplies to program participants, including purchasing, preparing, packing and delivery of supplies, as well as any vehicle or storage costs.
  • Provision of housing units for use in isolation or to house homeless individuals as related to COVID-19 prevention strategies
  • Extra costs for trash or debris removal related to COVID-19

NMA is ready to help your agency through these trying times and can be your federal grant administrator. As legislation and regulations keep changing, our team can help you maximize your grant eligibility, ensure your funds are being correctly utilized, avoid rescission, and position your agency for resilience in the face of the next disaster.


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