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Comprehensive inspections for agencies and companies across the country

How Can NMAI Help Your Housing Agency with Inspections?

Meeting the increasing demand for high-quality inspection outsourcing

NMA Inspections (NMAI) was developed to meet the increasing demand for high-quality inspection outsourcing in the affordable housing industry, providing agencies with inspections at an affordable cost by a proven and trustworthy partner.  NMAI’s expertise includes more than twenty years of experience providing inspection services and millions of HQS, UPCS, and rehabilitation inspections completed.

We provide comprehensive inspection services to agencies across the country, from California to New York and everywhere in between. The NMAI team conducts over 300,000 inspections annually for more than forty PHAs and municipalities, including initial, annual, follow-up, and special inspections for the HCV program.

Our Cost-Saving Services Include:

  • NSPIRE & HQS inspections
  • Inspection scheduling
  • Inspection correspondence management
  • Inspection result data entry
  • RFTA processing
  • Rent reasonableness comparisons
  • Quality control inspections
  • Pre-REAC inspections

Are you interested in learning more about outsourcing your NSPIRE or HQS inspections? Have an existing inspections program that would benefit from increased efficiencies and reduced costs?

Partnering with NMAI

We can work with any inspection model that works for your agency, including conducting initial, annual, follow-up, and special inspections for the HCV program. Our NMAI team is experienced with most housing software, so you won't have additional costs in setting up new systems or training inspectors. We're here to make your life easier!


NMA continues to be on the cutting edge of HUD regulatory policy and change, including the new National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate (NSPIRE) inspections model for public housing, housing choice voucher, and multifamily programs. 

NMA’s dedicated policy team has proactively monitored NSPIRE from its conception and our industry experts are ready to guide you through the implementation of these sweeping changes.


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