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HOTMA Final Rule

The Latest on HOTMA

Moving Forward Together

Keeping you updated on Sections 102 and 104 of HOTMA

Welcome to our resource page for the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016 (HOTMA). As HUD continues to develop and update HOTMA and its implementation plan, NMA is hard at work to keep our trainings, our products, and your PHA updated as well. 

HUD is discussing the feasibility of delaying the compliance date for Sections 102 and 104 of HOTMA in part to allow for HOTMA-compliant 2024 versions of the 50058 forms to be developed in HIP. As you know, under the current requirements, PHAs must set a compliance date no later than January 1, 2025.

Latest news:

  • In a letter to executive directors on June 17, 2024, HUD announced that the HIP implementation timeline has been postponed; HUD has not yet announced a new implementation schedule.
  • Please note, HUD guidance on unemployment income has changed. See our June 3 FAQ.
  • Review what your PHA needs to do to get ready for HOTMA in a two-hour, online HOTMA Action Plan Session.

When do you need to comply with HOTMA? NMA's latest guidance on when your PHA needs to start implementing HOTMA is this article by Samantha Sowards from Feb. 29, 2024.

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HOTMA Summits

June 25-26, 2024 Indianapolis, IN
Register now!

August 28-29, 2024 Uncasville, Connecticut
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Our HOTMA Summits prepare all levels of staff for the changes coming to your agency. These training sessions cover all aspects of Section 102 and 104 of HOTMA—including the new definitions of income and assets, how to calculate student income, new requirements around EIV and verification, and much, much more.

HOTMA Action Plan Sessions

Is your PHA ready for HOTMA? If your reply is, “Not yet!” you're not alone.

Join PHAs like yours in a two-hour webinar to review actions you should be taking now to be ready once your agency implements HOTMA. You will receive an editable HOTMA Action Plan template you can use to plan, review, and track actions needed to support your PHA’s HOTMA implementation.

Topics include:

  • Acquiring an initial basic understanding of HOTMA provisions
  • Updating PHA policies to incorporate HOTMA provisions
  • Updating key forms, notices, and letters
  • Coordinating with the PHA’s housing software provider
  • Coordinating with other local service providers
  • Providing staff training

Classes updated for HOTMA

We're actively monitoring HOTMA and updating our trainings to ensure our courses will provide you with the most up-to-date, accurate information. 

Please see our training calendar to register for the following classes, now updated for HOTMA:

  • HCV and Public Housing Rent Calculation
  • HCV Rent Calculation
  • HCV Specialist
  • Multifamily Housing Specialist 
  • Multifamily Rent Calculation
  • PBV Rent Calculation
  • Public Housing Management (PHM)
  • Public Housing Rent Calculation
  • Public Housing Specialist

Updating your policies for HOTMA

HOTMA Policy Workshops
Need a hand with HOTMA updates? At our one-day, intensive HOTMA Policy Workshops, an NMA industry expert will help you update your policies to comply with Section 102 and 104 changes.

Become a subscriber!
Our model policies take the guesswork out of keeping your policies up-to-date and in compliance with these sweeping changes, providing you with expert guidance in a timesaving, user-friendly format. There’s never been a more important time to be a revision service subscriber. As HUD continues to issue guidance around HOTMA, NMA will keep you up to date.


HUD Notices

HOTMA Final Rule

HOTMA HCV and PBV Implementation; Additional Streamlining Changes; Correction

Updated Notice PIH 2023-27/H 2023-10 Implementation Guidance: Section 102 and 104 of HOTMA

HUD Forms

Form HUD-9889-A

Revised Form HUD-50058

Revised Form HUD-50058 MTW

Revised Form HUD-50058 MTW Expansion

Draft Revised Form HUD-50058 Instruction Booklet

Other Guidance

HOTMA Section 102 and 104 Implementation FAQs for PHAs

Email to Executive Directors on HIP and HOTMA

Income and Assets Crosswalk of Regulation Changes

List of Discretionary Policies for Public Housing and HCV

HOTMA Income Estimation Tool and Directions HUD resource sheet

HOTMA Hardship Exemptions HUD resource sheet

HOTMA Student Financial Assistance HUD resource sheet

HOTMA Income and Income Exclusions HUD resource sheet

HOTMA Income and Assets HUD fact sheet

Sample PHA Policies

Inflationary Adjustments Database

HUD Training

Implementation Guidance Notice Overview Presentation

HOTMA Income and Assets Training Series

Information for Families

Fact Sheet: Health, Medical, and Childcare Deductions | Hoja Informativa: Deducciones Médicas, de Salud y de Cuidado de Niños

Fact Sheet: Income Calculation and Reviews | Hoja Informativa: Cálculos y Evaluaciones de Ingresos

Worksheet: Interim Reviews | Hoja de Trabajo: Evaluaciones Intermedias

Worksheet: Student Financial Aid | Hoja de Trabajo: Ayuda Financiera para Estudiantes

HOTMA: What Does it Mean for Me? Part 1: Income and ReviewsHOTMA: Qué significa para mí? Parte 1: Ingresos y Evaluaciones

HOTMA Over-Income Limit Fact Sheet for Families

Public Housing Over-Income Information

FR Notice Final Implementation of the Public Housing Over-Income Limit

Notice PIH 2019-11 Final Implementation of the Public Housing Over-Income Limit under HOTMA

Notice PIH 2023-03 Supplemental Guidance for Implementation of Section 103

Multifamily Resources

Multifamily HOTMA page HUD resource page

Notice H 2024-04 Revised Compliance Dates

HOTMA one-pager


Multifamily List of Discretionary TSP and EIV Policies

Implementation Notice Training


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