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Our comprehensive approach to harnessing power and potential

Although these courses do include some regulatory information, they are not regulations seminars. For a firm grounding in HUD regulations, we strongly recommend taking NMA's housing specialist course first.

To learn more about program regulations, we also suggest:

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HCV Management Course Vision and Credentialing Program

The purpose of our HCV management courses is to provide a comprehensive approach to harnessing power and potential to maximize your results. The HCV Executive Management course is designed to achieve a well-run agency operating the housing choice voucher program. The course is designed for executive directors, commissioners, finance directors, and senior leadership team staff. HCV managers will also benefit from this course. This course will assist you in achieving and maintaining your HCV program to a high-caliber standard using private sector techniques. In addition, attendees will explore new ways of thinking for successful program implementation.

The HCV Program Management companion course is designed primarily for housing choice voucher managers and team leaders. It provides in-depth how-to training on policy; HUD systems, including EIV, PIC, VMS, and the two-year forecasting tool; managerial guidance on program functions; program utilization, including an overview of how funding and lease-up impact per unit costs and administrative fees; SEMAP auditing, including an audit tool; and quality control, including file reviews. The senior leadership team members will also benefit from this course, particularly the executive director, IT director, and finance director. 

Whether you head an HCV-only agency, administer both public housing and HCV, serve as the executive director or director of the HCV program, or manage within the program:

  • The principles of leadership are the same
  • The high caliber standard is the same

The HCV Executive Management course has been designed to help you manage the HCV program strategically by applying management and organizational principles to your agency operations and staffing. This means tying your goals, decisions, and management operations into the mission, vision, and strategies of the organization. The HCV Program Management course is focused on managing and auditing the program and HUD electronic system requirements.

Course completion and passing the certification course will lead to credentialing for each course. When the HCV Executive Management course and test are completed with a passing score, the professional is authorized to use the NMA V.E.M. designation. When the HCV Program Management course and test is completed with a passing score, the professional is authorized to use the NMA V.P.M. designation.

Not Sure Which Class is for You?

Location and date are probably your biggest factors, but after that, you may want to make a choice based on your position at the agency, your tenure at the agency, and what your personal priorities are. You need both training programs to achieve the knowledge required at the executive and operational levels to manage the HCV program. For specific regulatory knowledge, attend one of our other HCV trainings.

The checklist below will help give you a better idea of what's covered in each class.

HCV Executive Management

  • NMA designation earned: V.E.M.
  • Primary audience: High-level management
  • High-level managerial; not regulatory
  • Training style geared to inclusive generations
  • 5-day class
  • Online credentialing exam
  • Organizational environment

Topic Depth

  • Admin plan: Overview
  • HUD's Two-Year Tool: Overview
  • Financing and funding: In depth
  • Quality control: In depth

Exclusive to Course

  • Role and structure of PHA
  • Mission, vision, culture, strategic planning, goals
  • Voice of the customer, communication
  • Customized learning plan
  • Workforce capacity, staffing models, needs
  • Hiring, selecting, and onboarding staff
  • Performance management, standards, incentives
  • Cash management
  • Reserves, fees, admin budget
  • Key work processes
  • Multigenerational workplace
  • DiSC profile and flexible leadership
  • Teambuilding
  • Operational work systems
  • Production and accuracy performance measures
  • Steps for successful change

HCV Program Management

  • NMA designation earned: V.P.M.
  • Primary audience: HCV managers/directors
  • Regulatory program assessment
  • Training style geared to inclusive generations
  • 4-day class
  • In-person or online credentialing exam
  • HUD regulatory environment

Topic Depth

  • Admin plan: Development
  • HUD's Two-Year Tool: In depth; create a leasing plan
  • Financing and funding: Overview 
  • Quality control: Overview

Exclusive to Course

  • PIC and EIV technical depth and corrections
  • VMS overview
  • HCV program assessment
  • Managing program functions


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