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Operational Procedures Development

Policy is the "what we do." Procedures are the "here’s how we do it."

All too often, the way we conduct business varies from staff person to staff person. Written procedures provide specific, step-by-step guidance to staff, whether staff is experienced or new. When a PHA develops written procedures and trains staff on those procedures, then the PHA has established formal performance standards to which staff should be held.

Shorten the Time-Consuming Process of Developing Written Procedures

There is no way out of it. Writing effective procedures takes time.

But NMA can help! We have various templates that can help reduce the development time as our NMA expert leads you through key program areas and captures your workflow. If you wish, we can also present the new procedures training to staff and explain how uniformity in approach increases efficiency.

Increase Efficiency while Promoting Consistency

Effective written procedures:
  • Promotes consistency and sends staff to their references before seeking Supervisor input
  • Supports fact-driven employee evaluations
  • Decreases resistance to change

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