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Focus on Fair Housing

Did you know NMA offers everything you need for fair housing compliance?

Did you know NMA offers everything you need for fair housing compliance—an assessment, physical audit, technical assistance, and training—all bundled into one complete package?

504/ADA Vulnerability Assessment

The vulnerability assessment covers two key areas of fair housing: general compliance and physical accessibility.

Our experts visit on-site, working with your agency and providing recommendations and strategies. This mock audit includes NMA’s Fair Housing Compliance Technical Assistance as well as our Physical Accessibility Technical Assistance. The dual process will help your agency prepare for and implement continued fair housing compliance.

Fair Housing Compliance Technical Assistance

Our NMA technical assistance (TA) experts will partner with your PHA to review and analyze essential program components, ensuring that your staff, policies, processes, and forms are proactively and affirmatively complying with HUD’s fair housing requirements. Public housing site-based waiting lists, VAWA policies and forms, and LEP policies and forms are included in this review.

We'll also bring a consulting review binder with templates, tools, and checklists. After the on-site visit, your agency receives a copy of these review documents and a report listing NMA’s observations and recommendations.

Physical Accessibility Technical Assistance

The NMA 504 team will audit every designated 504 unit, your PHA’s common areas, office spaces, and community spaces for compliance with UFAS/504. Remember—fixing units now is much less expensive than getting involved with FHEO. The expenses to fix units are eligible under capital funds, but the costs of a lawsuit aren't.

Following the on-site visit, the NMA 504 team will deliver a comprehensive compliance report to your agency, detailing findings and providing recommendations.

Also Available: Voluntary Compliance Agreement (VCA) Technical Assistance

If you're facing a VCA, we can help with that, too. Before you sign a VCA with HUD’s FHEO office, it's vital to bring in an expert who knows fair housing laws and PHA regulations. We'll be that expert for your agency, assisting you in negotiating the terms.

Once your PHA is under a VCA, navigating, implementing, and monitoring the improvement plan is critical to ensure the successful completion of the VCA. Our NMA team monitors the progress of your PHA’s VCA, reviews problems that may arise in implementation, mentors the 504 coordinator and executive team, and periodically visits your agency at established benchmarks in the VCA’s timeline.

Don't wait to be found out of compliance—focus on fair housing today. Contact us today using the form above to learn more.

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