Residential Rental Inspection Programs (RRIP)

What is an RRIP?

A residential rental inspection program, or RRIP, is designed to help a city or municipality improve compliance with health and safety standards and preserve its stock of high-quality rental housing. An effective RRIP can:

  • Enhance overall rental housing quality and safety in your city without placing an undue financial burden on landlords or tenants
  • Increase compliance with existing residential rental unit standards
  • Build a comprehensive rental housing database that can be used by your city in other municipal programs
  • Help mitigate any municipal budget issues by covering or exceeding the cost of the program with fees paid by owners 

"Everyone deserves access to decent, safe, sanitary housing."

—John McKay, CEO

How can NMA Inspections help with your RRIP?

Step 1: Ordinance adoption

  • Review existing city ordinances and documents
  • Interview key stakeholders
  • Facilitate public meetings
  • Draft proposed RRIP

Step 2: Program design

  • Design an inspection protocol based on a standardized model such as HQS to incorporate local code requirements and regulations
  • Develop standard operating procedure (SOP) manual
  • Conduct owner outreach and education
  • Recruit, hire, train, and oversee daily activities of local inspectors
  • Development and maintenance of comprehensive web-based program management portal

Step 3: Program implementation

  • Administer everything you need, from initial noticing to final inspection certification
  • Conduct periodic quality control inspections
  • Provide ongoing comprehensive reporting to city stakeholders
  • Track and archive inspections findings, repairs, and complaints
  • Provide expert compliance with all the rules and regulations
  • Deliver full transparency and accountability to city stakeholders and your community

An effective rental inspection program can transform the way your city or municipality operates, from improving compliance with health and safety standards to preserving its stock of high-quality rental housing. If you are interested in establishing an RRIP or have an existing RRIP that would benefit from increased efficiencies and reduced costs, let NMA Inspections be your trusted partner.

Case study: RRIP success story

NMA Inspections is currently managing the residential rental inspection program for a midsized Midwestern city. Under the program, owners of residential rental properties are required to register each rental property with the city.

These properties are inspected once every two years, and owners must pass the inspection in order to receive certification. Those who don't comply with the program and receive a passing inspection are assessed fees. There's also an amnesty program for landlords who haven't started the registration process in the past or received their certification, which encourages successful participation.

In the past two years that NMAI has managed the city's rental inspection program, it's moved from reactive to proactive. Owners and tenants now benefit from consistent noticing, reinspections on 100% of failed initial reinspections, reliable enforcement of the 30-day violation cure time period, and invoices sent with the third inspection notice, which provides a foundation for collections activities.

The city has seen increased program adoption from property owners and an overall improvement of its rental housing stock.

Proactive communication with tenants and owners

NMA Inspections will take the communications workload off your hands, freeing up your time and budget for other projects and helping ensure happy, safe tenants and owners. NMAI's highly trained and experienced team can:

  • Handle all mail noticing, including issuance of first, second, and third notices, program renewal notices, and non-compliance notices
  • Schedule initial inspections, reinspections, and reschedules due to cancellations, lockouts, and adverse weather conditions
  • Issue registration and inspection invoices, late fees, and fines for non-compliance, and collect the fees on the city's behalf
  • Assist with enforcement activities, including but not limited to collections, tax liens, and code enforcement actions
  • Provide a fully-staffed call center to conduct full customer service activities, including inbound and outbound owner and tenant calls and complaint collection and resolution
  • Deliver oversight summary and detailed performance reports to stakeholders on program results and participation, including pass/fail rates, common fail items, and non-compliant properties
  • Conduct owner outreach and marketing
  • Present to your landlord associations 
  • Develop owner resources, including FAQs on common fail items
  • Facilitate owner forums and program training
  • Incentivize good owners with perks like an extended inspection period, discounts at local home-improvement centers, and increased processing speed for permits and other city documents
  • Reduce your administrative burden while providing the city with ultimate accountability and quality assurance 

Our inspections team is looking forward to helping establish an RRIP for your municipality, or working with your existing RRIP to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

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RRIP funding models

Your city's rental inspection program can be 100% funded by registration and inspection fees paid by property owners. We recommend one of two models for your RRIP:

  1. Budget-neutral. Owners pay a registration fee that covers program administration costs. This funding model generates neither costs nor revenue for the city.
  2. Revenue-generating. Owners pay a registration fee that covers program administration costs and also provides additional revenue to the city.

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