Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)

Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) services

NMA is an industry leader on RAD compliance training. We specialize in blended occupancy sites and have deep knowledge of both PBRA and PBV under RAD. Our services include:

  • Policy development for RAD PBRA and RAD PBV
  • Training on RAD PBRA
  • Training on RAD PBV
  • Technical assistance on RAD PBRA and RAD PBV compliance requirements
  • Technical assistance in meeting CHAP requirements
  • Development, implementation, and oversight of a detailed relocation plan and process
  • Conversion assistance for public housing clients converting to PBRA or PBV
  • Quality assurance services ensuring all required documentation is available and in compliance for households living in converted properties 

Master relocation plans

Nan McKay & Associates has the experience and expertise to prepare your agency for the relocation of households when you convert your public housing portfolio to project-based vouchers or project-based rental assistance. We can develop an agency-wide relocation plan with all the information required for your developments, including forms, letters, and scripts for communication with residents, along with project schedules and inventory maps of available relocation resources.

You'll receive a master relocation plan with everything your agency needs to get started: how you're going to move your residents, in what order, and for what period of time, all fully compliant with the requirements of the federal Uniform Relocation Act (URA) and RAD regulations.

Relocation services

The NMA team has extensive experience providing relocation services under the federal Uniform Relocation Act and has completed relocation of nearly 4,000 households under both Section 18 and 104(d) of the URA.

Relocation is a huge project, and NMA is equipped to handle it from start to finish. We'll address any community concerns about the relocation of low-income households and the demolition of housing units, or reluctance of long-term residents to move, with education, training, and individual assistance. This includes briefing the tenants, meeting with them one-on-one to help them feel more comfortable, and understanding their special needs for the move, then planning the move, arranging temporary housing, facilitating the moving company, and moving them back in after their unit has been rehabbed.

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Case study: RAD success story

Nan McKay & Associates is currently assisting a large agency in California with its public housing conversion under the Rental Assistance Demonstration program.

The first transaction successfully closed in 2017, and NMA will continue to provide services to oversee the entire relocation project as well as the conversion process for more than 2,500 households.

Conversion and compliance

Whether your agency opts to convert to project-based vouchers or project-based rental assistance, the RAD conversion process is a complex project, requiring excellent project management skills and attention to detail to ensure full compliance with relocation and RAD regulations. The NMA team will bring our depth of RAD experience to you, handling all aspects of the file conversion, including:

  • Developing work plans and procedures
  • Establishing a tracking system to ensure each family is informed of the conversion process and the effect on their family through completion
  • Completing PBV/PBRA conversions at all properties
  • Quality control of tenant files, data entry, and rent calculations

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