Office of Information Security and Business Continuity

The mission of the Office of Information Security and Business Continuity is as follows:

  • Protect our clients' data and operations 
  • Align NMA’s operations with HIPAA guidelines 
  • Manage business continuity preparedness 
  • Manage the response to cybersecurity and disaster incidents 
  • Set corporate policy on security 
  • Research and implement security best practices

Team Members

Chad Coalier has been with Nan McKay & Associates since 2005 and currently manages technology and creative operations for the company. He has worked on a wide variety of software engineering and architecture, technology consulting, strategy, and organizational development initiatives for over 15 years. He previously ran his own consulting practice that serviced various Fortune 1000 clients and has worked in the training, education, financial services, and management consulting industries.

Sarah Waitt has been with Nan McKay and Associates since 2004. As VP of Operations, she oversees all internal operational functions, including marketing, event coordination, and desktop publishing. She is also responsible for several client management projects and works closely with the team at NMA Inspections (NMAI). In addition, she actively participates in all management-level strategy and planning meetings, carrying long-term strategies down to the department level by implementing the use of department scorecards and individual action plans. She has participated as an examiner for the California Council for Excellence, which helps California's private and public sector organizations achieve world-class results through the principles and criteria of the Malcolm Baldrige Award for Performance Excellence.
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