With more than 20 years of experience providing HQS inspection services, Michael Petragallo and his team have successfully completed more than 1.5 million HQS, UPCS, and rehabilitation inspections for dozens of agencies across the nation. He has been certified as an inspector/trainer in both HQS and UPCS, in addition to being REAC-certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

As NMAI's director of inspections, Deb Torvik is responsible for ensuring regulation compliance in regards to HUD and Section 8 housing guidelines. Specializing in HQS, UPCS, and pre-REAC inspections, Deb leverages two decades of experience in the affordable housing industry and is a certified HQS and UPCS inspector.

An HQS and UPCS trainer with more than 20 years of HCV program experience, Derrick has extensive knowledge of HUD regulations, with a specialization in HQS inspections, quality control, and rent reasonableness. He has managed the inspections process for some of the largest PHAs in the country, including over 500,000 HQS and quality control inspections, and spearheaded the first successful program (Owner Excellence Program) in the nation to reward and recognize extraordinary property owners in the HCV program for a Moving to Work (MTW) agency. He is a U.S. veteran (USMC) and a member of Toastmasters International.

As administrator for the inspections department, Misty Nance-Jackson is responsible for providing a high level of detailed support to the NMAI team. With nearly a decade of experience in the housing industry, Misty has efficiently carried out all day-to-day operations on numerous inspection contracts as well as supervised inspectors. She has considerable hands-on knowledge working with all major housing authority software systems, including Yardi, Elite, Tenmast, HAB, and Happy. In addition, Misty is also HQS and UPCS certified.
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